of St Richard

Sydney Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1QE    

In these pages you will find out about the different aspects of our Church, its differing features and areas of note.  With photographs the notes tell of the Church from the Northern Entrance to the Tall Crucifix above the Altar a journey that includes the Lady Chapel, the Stained Glass Windows and the two Galleries.

Starting with the link to ‘Features of our Church’ (above left), follow the story by clicking on the ‘History of our Church…’.  Learn of its standing within the Parish, from its initiation to present day, is told in brief by taking sections from a pamphlet written by Dudley Lerpiniere.

The Church Hall has its own part to play within the community as well as being an integral part of the Church.  As well as holding our functions, meetings and our after Sunday Sung Mass Tea/Coffee welcoming chat, it is hired out to diverse sections of the community.  Such as Beavers, fitness, musical, ballet and toddlers. It is also widely hired out for celebratory parties.  For further information, click on the Church Hall Link above.